We have a work group seminar.



  • T. Metzlaff (Postdoc)
  • F. Mäurer (PhD: Algorithmic aspects of tensor categories
  • L. Rogel (PhD): Truncated Hecke categories
  • J. Schmitt (PhD): On Q-factorial terminalizations of symplectic linear quotient singularities
  • E. Thorn (PhD): Cellularity from a categorical perspective
  • M. Walch (PhD): Deep persistent homology and applications in encoding
  • T. Linke (Master's): Cell theory of monoids and its categorification


  1. D. Mathiä (PhD, 2022): Wreath combinatorics in the context of restricted rational Cherednik algebras [picture]
  2. M. Hauck (Bachelor's, 2022): The Kronecker–Weber theorem
  3. F. Mäurer (Master's, 2022): Developing a category theory framework in Julia
  4. M. Albert (Bachelor's, 2022): On the computation of Calogero–Moser cellular characters
  5. M. Albert (Fachpraktikum, 2022): Implementing Iwahori–Hecke algebras in Julia
  6. Q.L. Duc (Master's, 2021): The algebra of distributions on an affine group scheme [DAAD prize]
  7. E. Thorn (Master's, 2021): Cellular algebras arising from highest weight categories
  8. T. Schmit (Bachelor's, 2021): Computing in Coxeter groups
  9. L. Rogel (Master's, 2021): Monoidal categories of equivariant coherent sheaves on finite sets
  10. T. Schmit (Fachpraktikum, 2021): Kombinatorische Algorithmen in Julia
  11. C. Brendel & J. Scheinert (Fachpraktikum, 2021): Spieltheoretische Suchalgorithmen und Implementierung einer Chess-Engine