All books, papers in journals, and papers in conference proceedings are peer-reviewed. Numbers are in chronological order. I'm maintaining an erratum.


  1. Introduction to Soergel bimodules
    RSME Springer Series, Vol. 5, 588pp (2020). With B. Elias, S. Makisumi, and G. Williamson. [Book], [MR], [Erratum+more].

Papers in journals

  1. Computational aspects of Calogero-Moser spaces
    Selecta Math. (N.S.) 29 (2023), no.5, Paper No. 79. With C. Bonnafé. [arXiv], [Journal], [MR]
  2. The rank one property for free Frobenius extensions
    C. R. Math. Acad. Sci. Paris 361 (2023), 1341–1348.  With G. Bellamy. [arXiv], [Journal], [MR]
  3. On parabolic subgroups of symplectic reflection groups
    Glasg. Math. J. 65 (2023), no. 2, 401–413. With G. Bellamy and J. Schmitt. [arXiv], [Journal], [MR]
  4. Wreath Macdonald polynomials at q=t as characters of rational Cherednik algebras
    Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 375 (2022), 8945–8968. With D. Mathiä. [arXiv], [Journal], [MR]
  5. Cellularity of endomorphism algebras of tilting objects
    Adv. Math. 404 (2022), Paper No. 108387. With G. Bellamy. [arXiv], [Journal], [MR]
  6. Towards the classification of symplectic linear quotient singularities admitting a symplectic resolution
    Math. Z. 300 (2022), no. 1, 661–681. With G. Bellamy and J. Schmitt. [arXiv], [Journal], [MR]
  7. Highest weight theory for finite-dimensional graded algebras with triangular decomposition
    Adv. Math330 (2018), 361–419. With G. Bellamy. [arXiv], [Journal], [MR]
  8. Blocks in flat families of finite-dimensional algebras
    Pac. J. Math. 295 (2018), No. 1, 191–240. [arXiv], [Journal], [MR]
  9. Cuspidal Calogero–Moser and Lusztig families for Coxeter groups
    J. Algebra 462 (2016), 197–252. With G. Bellamy. [arXiv], [Journal], [MR]
  10. Decomposition matrices are generically trivial
    Int. Math. Res. Not. (2016), no. 7, 2157–2196. [arXiv], [Journal], [MR]
  11. CHAMP: A Cherednik Algebra Magma Package
    LMS J. Comput. Math. 18 (2015), no. 1, 266–307. [arXiv], [Journal], [MR]
  12. A counter-example to Martino’s conjecture about generic Calogero–Moser families
    Algebr. Represent. Theory 17 (2014), no. 5, 1323–1348. [arXiv], [Journal], [MR]

Papers in conference proceedings

  1. Hyperplane arrangements associated to symplectic quotient singularities
    Phenomenological approach to algebraic geometry, 25–45
    Banach Center Publ., 116, Polish Acad. Sci. Inst. Math., 2018. With G. Bellamy and T. Schedler. [arXiv], [Proceedings],  [MR]
  2. Restricted rational Cherednik algebras
    Representation theory—current trends and perspectives, 681–745
    EMS Ser. Congr. Rep., Eur. Math. Soc., 2017. [arXiv], [Proceedings], [MR]


  • The center of the asymptotic Hecke category and unipotent character sheaves
    With L. Rogel. [arXiv], 2023.
  • Cores of graded algebras with triangular decomposition (will be updated!)
    With G. Bellamy. [arXiv], 2017.


  • Symplectic singularities
    Computeralgebra-Rundbrief, Nr. 73 (2023). [Preprint]
  • Geometry and representation theory associated to symplectic reflection groups
    Oberwolfach Reports, No. 38/2021 (Workshop "Computational Group Theory"). [Report]



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